New Practice Areas

Houston, Texas, Litigation Attorneys

The attorneys at Dobrowski, Larkin & Johnson LLP in Houston, Texas, focus on the following areas of practice:

Business & Commercial Litigation

Business and commercial litigation involves complexities that are best addressed by experienced litigators. Our firm has successfully handled intricate and challenging cases on behalf of our clients. Representing both plaintiffs and defendants has given us unique insight into the working and preparation of large business or commercial disputes.

Partnership, Trustee and Fiduciary Litigation

Our firm has been recognized for major victories in fiduciary litigation.

Securities Litigation

At DLJ LLP, we represent companies involved in securities cases involving fraud, misconduct, and breach of fiduciary duty.

Oil and Gas Litigation

We have represented clients in multi-million dollar lawsuits on both sides of the bar, both in Texas and elsewhere. Our clients include publicly traded offshore drilling companies, land drilling companies, seismic companies, and oil and gas exploration companies.

Real Estate Litigation

Our attorneys represent developers involved in disputes with environmental agencies, consulting firms, buyers, sellers, partners, and others.

Employment Litigation

We represent employers in Title VII litigation that involves state and federal employment discrimination matters, requiring an extensive knowledge of the existing statutes. Our firm has represented employers and employees from executive-level management to general laborers in disputes involving employment contracts, non-competes and non-disclosure agreements.

Construction Litigation

Successfully litigating a construction matter requires tenacity and attention to detail. Our attorneys understand the industry and how to interpret its many rules and codes.

Class Action Litigation

Successfully representing both plaintiffs and defendants has given us an in-depth, unique perspective on how both sides operate.

Product Liability Litigation

When a product manufacturer is accused of creating a defective or dangerous product, we aggressively represent their interests. We know that your business reputation and survival is at stake.

Fiduciary Litigation

Attorneys at the firm have broad experience in fiduciary litigation, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. We have represented officers and directors in fiduciary suits, and have represented Partners in a variety of cases involving fiduciary obligations.
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