Commercial Litigation often entails complex legal matters that require a seasoned attorney who understands litigation and can formulate a successful case strategy. At DLJ LLP our experience allows us to effectively represent clients facing difficult legal problems.

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Areas of Focus

Our lawyers represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of business and commercial disputes. If you are involved in a dispute with a business partner, a contract dispute, or any business or commercial dispute, we seek the best possible resolution of your case by preparing the case for trial from the outset. While many business disputes end in settlement, our experience shows that the best results come from our aggressive trial preparation and willingness to try every case to the jury, arbitrator or judge.

Our firm handles all types of business and commercial disputes, including real estate disputes, oil and gas litigation, construction disputes, securities litigation, and employment-related disputes. We also represent parties in class action claims involving defective products.

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Effective and Forward-Thinking Attorneys

Attorneys at DLJ LLP proactively handle cases. Our approach is to act immediately and not react to the opposing side. We immediately evaluate the law and facts related to your case so we can aggressively and effectively represent your interests.

DLJ LLP provides high-quality representation in complicated cases against high-profile law firms. Upon taking your case, our lawyers will actively engage you in a discussion of the issues in dispute and your possible options. We handle the day-to-day legal strategy so company owners and executives can continue to operate their businesses without the continuous need for distraction.

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